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Having a website with an impressive design optimized for SEO and brand positioning, combined with an online store in platforms like Shopify or WordPress gives people the opportunity to discover your brand, which attracts customers.

We have passion and a sense of responsibility for what we do. In the last ten years, we have developed more than 1.200 websites and met the expectations of every client. 

Diseño de páginas web y tiendas online
Diseño de páginas web y tiendas online

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Have you ever wondered

why it is so important to have a website?


If you still wondering about the importance of a website and an online store, here are ten reasons why you should have them:

“An eCommerce helps you earn money even when you're sleeping”

Informative Website

If you are an independent professional or any kind of company that wishes to make its portfolio of products and services visible on the Internet, then the informative website is ideal for you.

The informative pages use audiovisual resources and content such as texts, audio, videos, maps, images, and/or animations for their different sections.

We recommend it also should include links to social networks, WhatsApp, a contact form, an about us section, a gallery, and a homepage that summarizes the contents of the rest of the website.

Informative Site With Advanced Functions

All businesses are different and sometimes, even though it does not need to be an eCommerce, should have an informative type of website that requires advanced features.

The most common examples of Advanced websites are A hotel that needs online reservations, a rent-a-car, a real-estate agency with a search engine, or a wholesale distributor in which their clients have to use the site as an online quote.

If you need advanced functions you can also use the Fantastic Online.

Tienda Virtual:

Tener una tienda virtual o un eCommerce centra la funcionalidad de tu página web en la promoción y venta de tus productos y servicios.

El comercio electrónico es nuestra especialidad, hemos construido cientos de eCommerce visualmente impactantes, fáciles de navegar, optimizados y totalmente vendedores.

Si necesitas una tienda online has llegado al lugar indicado, somos la mejor fábrica de tiendas virtuales y aquí puedes cotizar tu desarrollo eCommerce.

Basic building blocks to create your new website

What do you need to create a successful website?

Every web page is unique and has different needs depending on its content and its specific requirements.

It is not the same to create a web page to show your curriculum vitae as developing a selling page for the international market in multiple languages with a fully responsive design

When you get on a website you obtain images, videos, audios, and texts that have already gone through two phases: the first one is the visual design and the second one is the codification of the site in different programming languages. 

Diseño y desarrollo de páginas web y tiendas online

Basic building blocks to create your new website

What is the design of your website?

We study the corporate identity of your market so we can determine the design of your website, the visual impression, the interface, the graphic designs, and the navigation components.

We organize the different sections to create a whole visual experience and make the webpage efficient.


This is the name of your page, is the information that will be used for the customers, and serves to find your webpage, for example: estudiodigital.co


Is the location of your website; it allows the webpage to be available  24/7. 

Our dedicated servers make your webpage safe and fast charging,  

SSL Certificate

It is a certificate of integral security. It authentics the domain of your brand.

Content Delivery Network - CDN

The CDN is an international red of servers that will help your page be quick-charging. It also provides all the content to the user depending on their geographic location. 

What is the development of a website?

The proper functioning of every part of the design depends on the website development, which is, basically, the programming of the page itself.

We calculate the degree of complexity of the web development for your company according to your requirements, which may greatly affect both the delivery time and final price, the same will happen with the amount of space required in hosting.


So it is not the same to develop and design a webpage starting from zero as developing a website using a template.

Desarrollo de páginas web

We integrate your Digital Ecosystem.

your website is not just a loose wheel on the Internet

Because we integrate a set of tools, networks, and platforms that will allow you to achieve social and business objectives based on effective Digital Marketing strategies.

Google Analytics:

Through Google Analytics you can track the use of your website in real-time; this allows you to know how users navigate the website, generate conversions, abandon the shopping cart, and much more. 

Google Merchant center:

This tool helps us to create ads using Google Shopping from Google Ads; we´ll create a feed between the website and the Google Merchant Center, that way the Google platform is automatically and periodically fed by the website. By doing this we´ll achieve the best possible exposure of the company’s products.

Google Search Console:

Se enviará el sitio web a GSC, plataforma de Google que sirve para “supervisar y mantener la presencia del sitio web en los resultados de búsqueda de Google), para esto se creará y se enviará a GSC el respectivo sitemap en XML.

Google Tag Manager:

Sistema de gestión de etiquetas de marketing y códigos de terceros.


Software de relacionamiento con los clientes (CRM – Costumer Relationship Management).

Facebook Catalogs:

This one is similar to Google Merchant Center. We create a Feed for Facebook Catalogs, which allows the use of marketing and advertising Facebook Ads platforms.

Facebook Pixel

This is a digital marketing tracking code for Facebook Ads that allows you to create advertising campaigns.


Chat Integration

The website can have Messenger, WhatsApp, or another platform, this is open to the client’s choice.

Have you ever wondered

how much time it takes to design and develop a website?

Because of our dedicated group of experts in web development, graphic design advertising, audiovisual production, photography,  marketing analytics, and communication, you can get your website in only approximately twenty days after you send us all the information required. 

You are not only getting quality and commitment but also guidance and personalized capacitation in the use of your new website.

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Want to make your bussiness grow?

If you got here it means your will to have an amazing website is just as high as our willingness to do it for you. 

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