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How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital marketing has the goal of attracting new customers, strengthening relationships, and positioning a brand identity.

In Estudio Digital we develop personalized strategies according to the needs of your business to achieve your goals.

Why Invest Digital Marketing?

By investing in digital marketing, you open the doors to great business opportunities and new potential customers.

Personalized Marketing Plans

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In Estudio Digital we apply efficient, current and competitive technologies to generate marketing campaigns personalized to what you need, allowing you to use your resources and budget quickly. Find out how.

Some of them includes:

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In Estudio Digital we have developed our own digital marketing method of results, which we have constantly tested, improved and updated during our more than 10 years of work, to help our clients grow their businesses.

We Integrate Your Online Ecosystem

Integrated Tools

Digital tools need integration, otherwise they would be like loose wheels going their own way.

We integrate all the digital tools so that they are aligned with your marketing strategy, such as:

What do you get when you develop your digital marketing with us?

360° personalized strategy

Our strategies are designed, created and developed exclusively for your business model, with the knowledge, practice and experience of more than 10 years as an agency and making use of the digital resources and tools that we make available to you to help your business grow.



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Types of Digital Marketing Strategies

You do not need to define digital marketing strategies, choose the right tools, integrate them and know how to manage them to sell automatically, we do it for your business.

Among the most used and effective we find:

Content Marketing

Focused on the millions of users and consumers who every second seek to solve their wishes and solve their problems through the Internet.

Content marketing seeks to position your company, brand or service, through the creation of relevant and valuable content, in order to attract, capture and retain your audience.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool that connects people and allows them to relate, interact and create communities with each other and also with the brands.

It helps you give visibility and position your brand, spread your services and products, get to know your potential customers better and increase your sales.


Email Marketing

It is an excellent tool for converting leads into potential customers, through the massive but personalized sending of email messages to a group of contacts who previously subscribed.


Inbound Marketing

The intention is to attract by adding value and solving real needs, through the combination of various digital marketing actions such as SEO, content marketing and social networks.


Doing this type of marketing constantly can result in a good audience that interacts with the company more spontaneously.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy used by search engines like Google or Bing to position your web page in organic results and without paying for advertising.

This optimization consists of various techniques and improvements that should be applied to your website to improve the experience of your users and help the search engine understand what is on your website.

The more relevant and understandable for the search engine your content is, the better positioning it will achieve.

There are two types of SEO:

SEO on the page; which is done on optimizable aspects within its pages, and Seo Off Page; that includes external links that go to your website and influence the positioning.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing SEM is the use of ads or paid advertising as part of a digital marketing strategy on search engines.

When we do a search on Google the first results we will find are advertisements, these are SEM ads.

Paid campaigns offer a wide potential for growth in both positioning and sales by being in a privileged position within searches.

One of its advantages is that your ads are only shown to those people who are searching for your product or something related to it, reaching many users with high purchase intent.

Other Marketing Strategies You Should Consider:

In addition to content marketing, social networks, email and search engines, you can find many more strategies to boost the digital marketing of your company.

Let us surprise you with the results that those strategies can give you:

Who Benefits From Digital Marketing?

A large number of companies, individuals, businesses, universities, churches, associations, NGOs, among many others, already receive the benefits of using digital marketing, spreading and expanding the reach of their message, service, or product.

1200 of our satisfied customers are already using digital marketing to their advantage, increasing their sales and growing their business. Get to know some of them by visiting our portfolio.

Time And Costs Of The Digital Marketing Service

The cost and time of the marketing work depends on the nature of each project, since it would not be the same to design the marketing work of a new page, to one that already has traffic and time on the Internet.

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