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5 principal advantages

advantages of having a good audiovisual production

Here are some advantages of having a good audiovisual production in your advertising and marketing campaigns are: 

More than 1000 hours of video and animations are seen daily only on YouTube, don’t be left out, start your path to success with us. Play your future and enjoy the benefits of quality audiovisual production. 

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Which Services Can We Offer You?

Estudio Digital’s video production services range from all kinds of video projects, whether personal or business, to personal productions and photography.


We are specialists in mainly five sectors:

We are committed to quality and versatility, so we always put all of our effort and dedication in each content so that you achieve each of your goals.

If you share our passion, contact us and let’s talk about your success.

Design And Production Of Television Ads

We create effective advertisements in the less posible time for the promotion of your products or services, with the highest standards of quality and professionalism on TV.

Web Video Design and Production.

Audiovisual content adapted for your website; product samples, header or background videos, with an agile, impressive and professional design.


Design And Production Of Animated Videos

We animate your ideas and bring great stories to life with 2 or 3-dimensional animation. In Estudio Digital we create products presentations and whether are personal or business animated shorts,  and much more.

Design And Production Of Video 360⁰

Be part of this new and fun way of seeing and showing the world. With the Estudio Digital team you will be able to capture everything that surrounds you and much more. An incredible 360° experience at your fingertips.

Design, Creation And Production Of B2B Video Presentations Of Companies, Trade Shows And Video Portfolios.

Specially for companies and entrepreneurs who require high quality and precision in the content of their audiovisuals, with a professional, fresh and modern structure.

Corporate videos

Specially designed to show aspects of your company such as products, services, staff, way of working and much more.

We always show the best face of your brand.

Web programs

Take your podcasts, shows, series or programs to the next level.

We will make every content look and sound amazing in every shot over the Internet.



If you are a video blogger, influencer or youtuber, we can help you improve your productions and conquer social networks with your high-quality videos.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

Some advantages of working with us

Estudio Digital offers not only a service, but solutions and big results in each of your audiovisual productions. 

With our team everything will be easier, efficient and the results will be impressive.

Every person has an extensive experience and knowledge in design, assistance and management of resources such as: 

The production of your audiovisual project will become easier. The decisions and the realization of your project will be more efficient , and the results, simply impressive.

Time and budget

of an audiovisual production.


The time and resources necessary are as unique as the kind of audiovisual product and its results, so it will be our mistake to give them all the same budget.


That’s why we calculate the value of each production based on the time and resources that it takes.


To know the budget and time, you can always contact us or do it through our new web quota.

What is an audiovisual production?

It is the creation of dynamic, attractive and shocking content in different video and audio formats. They can help you to make your project, products or services known.

Producción audiovisual creativa- Colombia

All productions have three keyparts:


We planify every aspect based on the production needs. Such as the team involved, the resources, budget and set designs.


Now it is the time to create the audiovisual content. It involves every part of the team and things clarified in the pre-production.


Now we select and edit the best results to present you a shocking and visually attractive final product.

Considerations to take into account

Our more than twelve years of experience has taught us those tips: 

  • Define the kind of project: this will help you to take concrete decisions of your project, whether it is an animated short, a musical video, Ad or whatsoever. 
  • Base the length of time of the production in the category, public and the purpose of the project.
  • Define your target audience: think about who the production is aimed at, so you will get better results and your production will be a success.
  • Consider the budget and other essential resources to carry out the project. This includes the location, costumes, actors, among other things. 

Contact us and tell us about your project, it is time to talk about your success.

Producción audiovisual profesional- Colombia